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Nature Eastern Townships (NET) was founded to protect, promote, and develop the land that the Town of Lennoxville owned in the Municipality of Eaton Township (Johnville sector).

Our organization has developed three core areas of activity over the past 20 years: the conservation of nature on private land, natural environment education and awareness-raising, and support for training and scientific research.

In its conservation activities and through legal agreements, NET endeavours to ensure the long-term or perpetual protection of the Johnville peat bog and other ecologically significant natural environments in the Eastern Townships, particularly in the City of Sherbrooke and the upper watershed of the St. Francis River.

In its 2011-2013 strategic planning exercise, NET established four overall goals:
1 - Develop a conservation strategy.
2 - Acquire land or conclude legal conservation agreements for properties including the Johnville peat bog and its buffer zone.
3 - Develop and implement a restoration plan for the Johnville peat bog.
4 - Continue establishing links with Townships groups whose mission is to conserve natural environments.

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