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Meet the North at the Johnville Bog & Forest Park!

Located in the Town of Cookshire-Eaton (Johnville), the Johnville Bog & Forest Park invites you to enjoy a stroll through an extraordinary change of scenery, only 15 kilometres from downtown Sherbrooke (10 km from the borough of Lennoxville).

Marvel at the peat bog and its ponds, the jewels of the Park. A rarity in the Eastern Townships, these ecosystems cause a remarkably diverse habitat, complete with lush plant and animal life that can be seen along the 5,8 kilometres of walking trails that criss-cross the park.

Learn more about the ecology of bogs and the last ice age, or just take an opportunity to relax! The Park offers four walking trails (The Pond, The Bog, The Esker and The Fauna) and four trails for skiing ans snowshoeing (8,5 km). In every season, you will discover the best-kept secrets of these amazing surroundings.

The Park is open from 8 a.m. until sunset, and admission is free (with the exception of special activities and group bookings)! Enjoy it...  

» Walking trails map
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» Download the trails map (winter)

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