Nature Cantons de l'est Organisme de conservation de milieux naturels


Every property owner can contribute!

To reach its conservation objectives, Nature Eastern Townships (NET) uses voluntary conservation, a process where anyone can participate as a key player in the conservation of natural environments of interest on their property.

These natural environments of interest, such as wetlands, lakes, rivers and their banks, wildlife and plant habitats of interest and old-growth, rare or refuge forests, are important in terms of their biodiversity and their ecological functions. They shelter a large number of species, provide essential products: wood, game, mushrooms, berries, but also services: water quality maintenance and aquatic habitats as well as sites where recreational and tourism activities can be practiced.

If you are proud of your property and want to contribute to the preservation of its biodiversity and landscapes, you might be wondering how to do so. You may even be thinking about how to ensure its long-term conservation. Depending on the characteristics of your property, your financial situation and your personal objectives, there are several possible courses of action. It is also possible to carry out forest resource development activities while preserving the sustainability of your forest. NET’s professionals are here to help you identify the natural environments of interest on your property and to guide you in deciding which methods to implement to best contribute to the conservation of this natural heritage.


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