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Conservation of private land around Mont-Mégantic

Temoignages conservation « Following the death of the other members of my family, I found myself the sole owner of my family’s land of more than 37 hectares at the exit of the Val-Racine village. After a few years of logging, my sister Brigitte and I decided to divide it into large lots and sell them to potential newcomers. I continued this project alone and, after assessing the quality of the soil, I realized that there were nearly 6 hectares of land in a wetland environment.
I wanted to protect this fragile environment, its fauna and flora, especially since it was located on the banks of the Victoria River and my father, who loved nature so much and had walked and skied through the area for a large portion of his life, would not have liked to see it left abandoned. That’s why I came up with the idea of giving this parcel of land to the municipality, which could create a rest area near the river.
My meeting with the conservation organization Nature Eastern Townships, during their ecological inventory of private lands around Mont-Mégantic in 2019, allowed me to set this project in motion. From there, the idea of making an ecological gift was born. The organization’s representatives informed me regarding the steps to undertake through the various governmental authorities in order to carry out the project. In fact, they did most of the work! Since I wanted to involve the municipality where my father worked for 20 years as a secretary, I decided to make a donation in co-ownership to both the organization and the municipality, which agreed. This became a reality in the fall of 2020. These rich ecosystems are now sustainably protected and I couldn’t be happier! The organization has formally committed to ensuring the ecological monitoring and conservation. Now, the only thing left to do is to secure the necessary funds for the construction of the few facilities that will allow real access, the only one in the village, to the Victoria River! I am confident this will happen soon! « 

Benoîte Dubé

Donating land for conservation...

« Donating land for conservation is not as easy as it sounds. When I approached Nature Eastern Townships regarding the perpetual conservation of a piece of land that I loved and wanted to protect, I did not expect the complexity of the process. In my case, the emotional aspect and attachment to this land consumed a significant portion of my energy from the beginning.

I was provided with information, reassurance and support by both the project manager and the management team. The owner’s notebook was a true gift and confirmed the importance of protecting this land and all of its biodiversity.

I had not thought about the legal and financial aspects of the project, which are very complex. The staff of Nature Eastern Townships took care of everything and kept me informed at every step. In doing so, they were able to meet all my requirements.

I am grateful to have had their help in bringing my dream to life.”


Lorraine Plante