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caroline Cloutier

Caroline Cloutier

Caroline Cloutier has been the coordinator for the Master’s program in natural environment management at Université de Sherbrooke's Biology Department since 2005. She has been involved in the development of Nature Eastern Townships...
She first held the position of Director (2001-2006) during which time the Johnville Bog & Forest Park established itself as a recreational and touristic destination; she has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2008 as a representative of the Université de Sherbrooke. She has served as President for over 10 years.
Lise Beauséjour

Lise Beauséjour

Lise Beauséjour is a forestry engineer and has several years of experience in the sustainable management of private forests.
She has been a director of Nature Eastern Townships since 2014 and was recruited by the organization in recognition of her strong interest in biodiversity conservation and her management experience.

Jean-Paul Gendron

Jean-Paul Gendron is a geographer with solid skills in regional and local development. With 24 years of experience at the Office de planification et de développement ...
du Québec and at the Secrétariat au développement des régions, he volunteers in various regional and local development organizations and has been an active member of Nature EasternTownships since 2001.
Patrick Bergeron

Patrick Bergeron

Patrick Bergeron is a biologist and holds a Ph.D. in ecology from the Université de Sherbrooke. He is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Bishop's University...
and has represented the institution on the Nature Eastern Townships Board of Directors since 2017. His research program focuses on the population dynamics of striped chipmunks in our forests as well as the wood frog.
Denis Petitclerc

Denis Petitclerc

Denis Peticlerc retired in 2017 as Director General in the Science and Technology Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. During his career, he worked as an animal research scientist and associate professor with the Department of Biology at ...
Université de Sherbrooke and the Department of Animal Sciences at McDonald College, McGill University. In addition to serving on the boards of two international non-profit organizations, he was a founding senior partner of a life sciences consulting firm and CEO of a private sector biopharmaceutical start-up. He currently sits on the Boards of Bleu Massawippi (2018) and of the Centre d'Initiative de la région de Coaticook - Vers un Institut Bioalimentaire en Estrie (2021).

Edith Guilhermont

Edith Guilhermont holds a Ph. D. in law from Université de Perpignan (France). She teaches environmental law for the bachelor degree in environmental study and canadian law for natural habitat management at Université de Sherbrooke. She is also a research and development agent at the Centre de recherche sur la régulation et le droit de la gouvernance.
Engaged in her adoption community, she is a member of the Association pour la protection et la valorisation du Boisé ascot-Lennox and secretary of the Conseil d'administration de la Bibliothèque de Lennoxville. She is on the board of Nature Cantons-de-l'Est since 2023.


Stéphane Tanguay, directeur général

Stéphane Tanguay
Executive Director

Stéphane Tanguay is a biologist and holds a master's degree in environmental studies from the Université de Sherbrooke.
Until 2001, he was involved in the conservation project of Charrette Creek and Brazeau Bay. Before joining Nature Eastern Townships as director in 2014, he worked as project manager, coordinator and then project director at Nature Action-Québec.

Hyacinthe Gauthier Bérubé
Project manager

Hyacinthe Gauthier Bérubé is a biologist and holds a master's degree in environmental management from the Université de Sherbrooke.
Before joining Nature Eastern Townships in 2020, he was able to participate in several research projects throughout his academic path, in addition to working for the direction of the Montérégie branch at the Ministry of Transport.

Marie-Hélène Caron
Ecology professional

Marie-Hélène Caron is passionate about wildlife and the protection of natural environments. She has held the position of biology technician at Nature Eastern Townships ...
since the fall of 2020. She holds a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and a technical degree in bioecology. Her experience spans from conservation to education and management of avian wildlife.

Orélie Richer
Ecology technician

Orélie Richer has been fascinated by natural environments, their flora and their fauna for as long as she can remember,. While completing her degree in bioecology, she interned on Prince Edward Island ...
where she studied red foxes. She began her career at Action Saint-François where she was able to participate in the clean-up and revegetation of riverbanks as a volunteer and employee. Later, her keen interest in the conservation of natural environments led her to Nature Eastern Townships.

Jennifer Vallières
Ecology technician

Jennifer Vallières is an ecology technician since 2015. Before joining the Nature Eastern Township in 2018, she worked at the Marais de la Rivière-aux-Cerises and for Appalachian Corridor.
In these positions, she got involved in various projects, from ecological surveys to education and sensibilization to the conservation of the natural environment and fauna.